How to use a PS4 controller on Android

Most modern consoles have a Bluetooth controller. Most modern console controllers use Bluetooth as a standard, or provide it for other platforms. It is possible to use your Android tablet, phone, or TV controller with a PS4 controller. So you can enjoy the best Android games using your DualShock 4, we're here to help. This is our guide to how to use an Android PS4 controller.How to use DualShock 4 on Android devicesOpen settings and navigate to the Bluetooth menu. Check that the phone is set to scan mode. For a few seconds, hold simultaneously the PlayStation button as well as the Share button on the controller. To indicate that it is in pair mode, the controller's light will start blinking. Look for the Wireless Controller device in the list. To begin pairing, tap that device. Source: Android Central. The controller's light should cease blinking, and your phone should confirm that the connection has been established successfully.If all went well, the controller will be connected and can be used for navigation in the Android UI.Is it a good idea to use an Android controller with a 4K resolution?You may have to use a DualShock 4 with an Android device. Try your favorite games and see if there are any problems. In an ideal world, every button would be remapped like an emulator, but this is not the case for most games.It may not perform as well as a dedicated controller for mobile or Xbox One. Modern Combat 5 allowed me to move and turn my character using the analog sticks, but the aim and shoot buttons were moved to the Options and Share buttons. This resulted in a very awkward and uncomfortably controlled system. Some titles, like Genshin Impact on Android, do not have native controller support.You can have fun if you find a game that is compatible with your device or allows you to map the buttons. There are many controllers that you can use, some of which, such as the Xbox One Controller, are more compatible with Android phones. We recommend the SteelSeries Stratus Duo or Xbox One Controller as an alternative. Even though you may not find controller mapping immediately useful in Fortnite, you will be happy that you know how to set it up, if and when this happens.