How to manage your Google TV watchlist

Google TV allows you to easily keep track of what content you are watching later using the Google TV Watchlist. Although the Google TV watchlist isn’t very robust, it allows users to create a list of television shows and movies to watch later. It also updates all devices that are associated with their Google account. Here are some ways to manage your Google TV Watchlist.You can access the web browserAlthough it may seem intuitive to update your watchlist on the Google TV device that you are streaming from, this is not always the case. Most Google TV users believe that using the Google Chrome browser is the best way to manage your Google TV Watchlist. These are the steps.In the Google Chrome web browser, make sure that you are signed into your Google account. Enter the name of the TV show or movie you wish to add into Google. Scroll down until the movie or film appears on the screen. Tap the Watchlist icon.The Watchlist icon will turn green when the content is added to your Watchlist on all devices connected to Google accounts.Google TV AppYour Google TV watchlist can be managed from the Google TV app (previously Play Movies & TV). This app is available on Android mobile devices and tablets in the United States. These are the steps to follow to manage your Google TV Watchlist using the Google TV app.Log in to Google TV. Find the title that you wish to add to your watchlist. Navigate to the details page of the title. Select Add to Watchlist.As with managing your watchlist in Google Chrome and any additions to your watchlist from the Google TV app, they will also be updated wherever you are signed into.Google TV devicesYou can also update your Google TV watchlist using an Android TV device with Google TV. This is the most difficult method for managing your Google TV watchlist, but some people find it to be the easiest.Log in to your Google account. Find the title you wish to add to your watchlist from the home screen. Hold down the Select button on your remote. Select Add to Watchlist.After you have added content to your watchlist you can tap on a title to see its details, or tap the "Watch Now” button to stream it.Manage your Google TV WatchlistClick the Watchlist button in the green area to remove any content from your Google TV Watchlist. This will allow you to select the television series or film that you wish to delete.You can also personalize your Google TV watchlist with the removal of content that you have already watched from Google's recommendations section. To make recommendations, all you have to do is tap on the Watched It button.