Math-based approach to win slot games

When playing slot games everyone’s hope is to win, so why not increase your chances using a math-based approach to beat the slot games like Starburst slot. The machines use an algorithm known as RNG (random number generator) to produce the outcome when you play. Because of this, there are ways to use mathematics to outsmart the system and win which is something we recommend.

If your concept of maths is strong, then your chances of winning could be increased by using statistics, information, and calculations. Estimating how much to play and how much to spend is something that could be used in your advantage when playing slot games. So, put that brain to use and start counting your way to victory!

Using probabilities when playing slot games

Probability means the chances you have of winning when playing slot games. If you know the amount a winning combination will pay, as well as the odds of landing on that combination you have figured out the probability. To work out the probability of landing a combination you must know the amount of stops in a slot.

On every reel, there is several times a symbol will appear, and you can normally find this information by looking up on online slots. However, this is complicated when it comes to modern machines as they can have up to 10 reels and 200 slots. The best way to take this approach would be to find an older machine to play on.

RTP and online slot games

There is a total amount a slot machine will pay out to players over a certain amount of time. This is known as RTP (return to player) percentages. If you play on only slot machines with the highest (RTP) you will also increase your chances of winning.

The RTP is a useful thing to know and you can find this out by searching for reports from gaming jurisdictions. These are full of general information about payback casinos, which will help you in determining your odds. These are just some of the ways you can use math-based approaches to win slot games.

Final thoughts of Math-based approach to win slot games

As mention before, if you are looking to find a way that will increase your chance of winning slot games, a math-based approach is probably the best way forward. As slot games work with numbers to decide winners, mathematics is certainly a main factor. Seeing someone break the system with maths is something we look forward to, and if you think that is you, we urge you to try your hardest!

The alternative to a math’s-based approach to winning slot games would normally result in cheating. This is something we do not recommend as it is illegal and takes away from the gambling experience. So, go ahead and get your pen and paper out and start doing some calculations before you play!

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