3 Ways Cloud Improves Customer Service in Mid-Sized Call Centers


It seems like the cloud is being implemented everywhere, and for good reason. Thanks to the power offered by cloud computing, a variety of industries are finding new ways to improve their business and increase productivity.

If you run a mid-sized call center, you may be reluctant to switch to a cloud-based software solution. However, there are many benefits to changing to a newer platform. Using cloud-based call center softwares can make a big difference in how you engage with your customers. Here are just three of the biggest reasons why the cloud improves customer service.

The cloud is fast and easy

Some of call centers’ most infamous hang-ups can be solved by switching to the cloud. Long wait times are some of the most frustrating aspects of calling a support line, so much so that your customers are actually tweeting about your holds and complaining about them on websites like Reddit.

Utilizing the power of the cloud, systems that would normally need to run separately (like CRMs and ticket tracking) can be integrated into a single solution. This not only speeds up processing from a technical standpoint, but it also helps your agents field support requests more efficiently.

The result is reduced wait times, and shorter call times overall once a customer is connected to an agent. That’s a win-win situation for consumers and business owners.

Agents can field requests from a variety of channels

Another benefit of using call center software that’s powered by the cloud is the ability to maximize the productivity of one agent. Rather than needing separate workstations for handling live web chat and voice, cloud-based omnichannel software lets agents interact with customers through many different channels.

This allows for seamless transfers from one channel to another in case voice becomes the easiest method of communication at any point during the call, and also lets customers have some flexibility in how and when they reach out to you. Even better, experienced agents may be able to field two or more customers’ requests at once with a cloud-based option.

Integration is a huge benefit of using the cloud for your call center, and mid-sized businesses who are looking for a way to handle an uptick in volume can harness all of the cloud’s benefits without needing to make a sizeable investment. This makes it the perfect option for improving agent productivity and increasing customer satisfaction.

The cloud offers mid-sized call centers secure data storage

It seems like data leaks are becoming more and more common these days, and with an increase in breaches comes a decrease in customer trust. If your call center stores any customer data, it’s a good idea to review your data security protocols. That may require finding a secure solution as you continue to grow your company, and the cloud can help with that too.

The cloud is universally recognized as one of the most secure platforms to store customer data on, which is one reason why more and more businesses are choosing the cloud to complement their data privacy practices. That being said, a surprising amount of businesses don’t manage their cloud security properly.

If you have a dedicated team configure your system during onboarding, though, you can avoid the common mistakes that lead to a less secure storage solution. Call center software providers usually handle the initial setup of your call center system, allowing you to rest assured that everything is working properly and securely.

These are just some of the reasons why the cloud can help customer service in mid-sized call centers. By offering faster processing, greater agent productivity, and a more secure storage solution, the cloud can take your call center into the future and beyond.