3 French-Girl Looks Our Editor in Chief Is Backing Big-Time for Fall


The slight volume at the sleeves is a romantic touch that nods to the ’80s puff-sleeve that trend that seems to have staying power.

What are some styling tips you have for these pieces?

That waistline is begging for a chain belt.

What do you like most about these pieces?

The mixed print on this dress is the standout feature to me. I love that it plays with print scale within one color palette.

What do you look for in a good date-night outfit, and why does this fit the bill?

Good date-night outfits make you feel confident, which is why dresses are often an easy choice. There’s no fussing with separates or keeping things tucked in. It’s one and done, as they say. Also any outfit with plenty of room for a big meal is a plus in my book.

What are some of your favorite date-night spots in L.A.?

Night + Market Song’s Thai street food is always lively if you want something that’s easy and casual but still packed with personality. Plus, they were super early adopters of the natural wine trend. Hot tip: The Silver Lake location is far superior, and we drive 20 minutes further just to go to that one. Bestia is also a go-to, but if you don’t want to trek to the warehouse district, Ronan has been scratching my Italian itch. They have a glorious menu item that’s a French dip crossed with a calzone.