Apple fans, it's time to start mentally preparing your wallet for a new possibility. When the iPhone 12 comes out later this year, the packaging may be considerably different when compared to previous models. Why is that, you ask? Well, Apple purportedly will not include a charger with the iPhone 12, and will instead sell it separately.

That's according to a research note by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, considered by some to be an Apple prophet, obtained by . Per the report, Kuo said Apple will release a new 20W power adapter as an optional accessory and end production of its existing 5W and 18W power adapters later this year.

According to a leaked photo released earlier this week, the 20W charger will be similar to the 18W version and feature a USB-C power adapter for fast charging. Apple first included a fast-charging adapter with its iPhone 11 Pro devices last year.

Besides yanking the charger out of the iPhone 12 box, Apple is also reportedly not including its wired earbuds, known as EarPods, with its newest phone. In a May research note to investors, Kuo said that he expects Apple to leave out the earbuds, which have been included since the iPhone's original launch more than a decade ago, to drive demand for its wireless AirPods.

As many of you with AirPods know, these are sold separately.

One of the reasons that Kuo believes that Apple will not include a charger and earbuds with the iPhone 12 is increased production costs due to 5G support. Nonetheless, the analyst believes that Apple will sell the iPhone 12 at a similar price to its iPhone 11 line. With this in mind, taking out the earbuds and charger is one way to cut costs.

Nonetheless, the price cut would only be superficial, given that people who don't have an extra charger or earbuds lying around would have to buy some from Apple or another retailer. Apple sells its 18W and its for $29 each. I don't know about you all, but my Apple earbuds have never lasted for a year. They normally die about four months after I first start using them. Maybe I'm cursed.

Kuo is not alone in his thinking. Analysts at Barclays apparently also believe that Apple will not include a charger or earbuds with the iPhone 12. Barclays analysts say that the only thing Apple will include is a USB-C to Lightning cable.

Whether or not Apple will launch its iPhone 12 line in September is still up in the air. Although the company usually releases a new iPhone at the same time of year like clockwork, the coronavirus pandemic has made sure that this year is not like others.

Barclays speculates that production of the iPhone 12 is about four to six weeks behind schedule compared to its usual timeline. Despite this, the analysts anticipate that Apple will announce its new iPhone line in September, and will instead release the models on a rolling schedule.


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