NFL superstar Von Miller -- one of the biggest stars in the league -- has tested positive for the coronavirus, his agent says.

Unclear when the 31-year-old Denver Broncos pass rusher was diagnosed but his agent Joby Branion tells NFL Network's Ian Rapoport he's "at home resting and in good spirits."

Miller -- the MVP of Super Bowl 50 -- is expected to speak publicly on Friday.

Miller's announcement comes one day after L.A. Rams center Brian Allen revealed that he was also diagnosed with COVID-19.

Allen said he became concerned once he lost his sense of smell and taste. He is also on the mend.

The NFL has made adjustments in the wake of the pandemic -- choosing to hold a virtual NFL Draft next weekend, where players, coaches and execs will all participate from home.

Miller's diagnosis, once again, proves even the healthiest people on Earth are vulnerable to COVID-19 ... after it already struck other top athletes including Kevin Durant, Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert and others.

Miller is a stud on the field -- he's an 8-time NFL Pro Bowler, 3-time All-Pro and is currently in the middle of a 6-year, $114 million contract.

Originally published -- 4/16 2:48 PM PT