With toilet paper disappearing from stores amid the coronoavirus pandemic, folks are looking elsewhere in their quest to clean their bottoms ... bidets!!!

Bio Bidet, one of the top-rated bidet companies in the business, tells TMZ ... sales are skyrocketing as people struggle to find TP rolls or even a square to spare.

The bidet giant tells us ... Bio Bidet saw over $250,000 in sales in a 24-hour period after the outbreak, and those figures are just from transactions on Amazon alone.

TUSHY -- also a top company -- has seen sales soar to 10x their usual and over double what they were a year ago. Brondell, another manufacturer, has also seen sales spike to close to 10x.

People are also searching for and researching bidets in droves ... company honchos tell us searches for "bidet" on Amazon rose over a thousand ranks to become one of the Top 10 most-searched items on the online retailer.

One Bio Bidet product is already sold out ... the slimedge attachment, which retails for $59 and connects directly to your freshwater supply.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It's pretty saddening to see people fighting over toilet paper in brick-and-mortar stores ... but Bio Bidet says they're committed to providing quality hygiene products to as many homes as they can, despite the unfortunate TP circumstances.

Capitalism is the s***!!!


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