20 Last-Minute Couples Costume Ideas for Halloween


Fall is full of cute couples activities for you and your S.O. or BFF to enjoy together. From apple picking to pumpkin carving, hiking, and beyond, each presents a plethora of memory-making moments (and great Instagram opportunities). Everything is fun when you have someone to share it with. This is particularly true when dressing up in a couples costume for Halloween.

A whole new world of opportunities is opened up when you’re searching for a costume for two-film and literature are rich with iconic couples just waiting to be re-created. From classic tales of romance like Noah and Allie’s in The Notebook to BFF duos like Big Boi and André 3000, the possibilities are endless when it comes to couples costumes.

Since we know that some of the best costumes come in twos, we rounded up 20 easy, last-minute ideas for couples this Halloween.