A leaked email reveals Tesla is asking employees to deliver cars on their days off during the final weeks of the quarter

  • Tesla is asking employees to help with deliveries during the final weeks of the first quarter, according to an internal email send on Friday.
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  • Employees can only volunteer to help with deliveries on their days off, but will receive overtime pay, the email says.
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  • According to the email, Tesla is "expecting a significant increase in our North America delivery volume" in the coming weeks.
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Tesla is asking employees to help deliver vehicles on their days off through the end of March, according to an internal email sent on Friday by Jerome Guillen, the president of the electric-car maker's automotive business. Employees who help with deliveries will be paid overtime, Guillen said. Business Insider obtained photos of the email.

"Through the end of March, we are expecting a significant increase in our North America delivery volume," Guillen said. "To achieve our Q1 goals, we are requesting additional support from team members across the business."

The email was sent to a mailing list of employees in Fremont, California, the site of Tesla's US car factory, and says the company needs help with deliveries in five California cities: Fremont, San Francisco, Burlingame, Dublin, and Rocklin.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

At Tesla, a delivery can involve driving a vehicle to a customer's home or guiding a customer through the final stages of the buying process at one of the company's delivery centers. The demands placed on the company's delivery department have grown over time, as Tesla has set quarterly delivery records in nine of the past ten quarters. The company has said it will begin deliveries of its new Model Y SUV before the end of March.

Tesla has in the past recruited employees from a variety of departments to deliver vehicles at the end of a quarter, including during the final weeks of 2019, suggesting that the company's delivery staff has at times not been large enough to handle peak workloads. In one case, Musk even asked for assistance from Tesla customers.

Last year, Tesla announced internally an initiative designed to merge the roles of its sales and delivery employees. Called One Motion, the initiative's intention is to give each customer a single point of contact when buying a vehicle, four current and former employees told Business Insider.

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