17 Beach Hacks That Are 841% Genius


3. Bring a bottle of baby powder to the beach to get sand off quickly.

beach hack: sand is stuck on you and a towel won’t do the trick? shake on a little baby powder and brush it right off! #doitright #contest

5. Keep cool with some chilled lip balm.

8. Bring a fitted sheet and secure it on each of the four corners to create a sand barrier.

Our favourite beach hack is taking a fitted sheet and putting bags/coolers in each of the 4 corners to keep sand out & babies in! #babyhour

11. Wrap all of your valuables in a diaper so it looks used and thieves will be less likely to steal it.

12. Turn your flip-flops over so the bottoms of your feet don’t fry when you slide them back on after a day in the sun.

13. Dig a hole and layer it with blankets or towels to make the perfect snooze spot for little ones (or big ones).

15. Snap a quick pic before everyone splits up and starts playing so that you can describe them and their outfits to fellow beachgoers if they get lost.

17. And always, ALWAYS be aware of rip currents. They’re super dangerous, so stay safe out there!