There was a lot of futuristic electric vehicles, experimental robotics, and virtual reality devices at the Consumer Electronics Show. What about tech for content creators? The people on the internet make everything that users watch, listen to, and consume.

There were a lot of companies there that made products for people. The leaders in the space were showing off their cameras. Audio-Technica and HyperX had new equipment to show off. Smaller companies presented its microphone, camera, and lighting accessories as well.

SeeMo by Accsoon

Accsoon shows off how your video camera's image appears on your iPad Mini thanks to SeeMo. Credit: Matt Binder / Mashable

Many products were upgraded or new models were introduced. I was looking for a new thing to do. It was found in the SeeMo by Accsoon.

What is SeeMo going to do? The device allows creators to use an iPad or an Apple device as a monitor while shooting video. If you frequently use a DSLR or a mirrorless camera, you know how small and lacking those small flip-out screens are. SeeMo is here. If you already have an iPad, why not buy a new one? Attach your iPad or iPhone to SeeMo, mount it on your camera, and plug it into SeeMo.

SeeMo by Accsoon

Mashable's Matt Binder tests out the SeeMo. Credit: Mikayla Whitmore

It was amazing to watch high-quality video images from a high-end DSLR camera come through the mounted iPad Mini in real time during the SeeMo demo at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I don't think I'll ever be able to shoot video using a flip out screen. The iPad Mini was given a new purpose by SeeMo. The smaller iPad was stuck between the people who wanted a large touch-screen tablet and the people who wanted a big phone. The iPad Mini was the perfect size for a camera monitor after viewing all the Apple devices.

The external monitor feature is cool, but I can see how some people wouldn't have paid for it. External monitors that mount on your camera can be bought by creators. It was more of a convenience to turn your iPad into one.

The other feature was pulled out during the demo. Users don't need to record on their camera's card. Their Apple device can record the video from their camera.

SeeMo by Accsoon

Using Airdrop to share video shot with your DSLR camera honestly felt revolutionary. Credit: Mikayla Whitmore

The Accsoon team shot a video with a DSLR camera and uploaded it to the Apple device. Accsoon dropped the video onto my phone. It wasn't hard to see how this could change the way films are made. Imagine being able to show people what you just shot. How quickly you could post the video on social media?

If you use the SeeMo feature to turn your iPad into an external monitor, it will feel like you're getting a professional grade video camera. Your camera's storage space has become too small for your Apple device to hold. You can use your iPad or iPhone with SeeMo to stream your camera video directly to other platforms.

SeeMo by Accsoon is available for $179, which is less expensive than a lot of the tech being shown off at the show.