Maybe you want to save an image or a video clip from the web so that you can include it in a video, or maybe you want to include it in a wallpaper. When it comes to pictures, you can simply right click on the file and choose to save it.

Sometimes that doesn't work. There is no save option on the right click menu. If you want to save a lot of images from a single website, what are you going to do? If you want to save an animated video as a Gif or if you want to download a.webp file, what are you going to do?

That's where third-party browser extensions can come in handy, add-ons that will dig deeper into a page'sHTML code to find the image or video you're looking for.

Continue to use the image downloader.

You can see the format and the dimensions of each picture, save them to a disk, and even order them based on their size with the help of Open Image Downloader. One of the best ways to download images is with the add-on.

You can download all the images.

The download of all images works differently than the image download continued. It might be able to grab some images when it can't with the others. Every image on the page will be wrapped into a zip archive if you click on the extension button.

You have options for saving if you download all images.

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The ultimate video software.

Video Downloader Ultimate is a tool that can help you save a video from a website. With a single click, you will be able to see a list of all the videos on the website that you are currently viewing, and you can either save them or get their URLs.

It is possible to download a video on the social networking site.

Sometimes you need a specific tool for a website that grabs clips posted to the social network with minimal fuss and makes it look like a native feature. You can save the file by clicking the download icon next to a message.

It is possible to filter pictures by size.

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Base image editor.

It can be hard to get a Gif. Some websites use the mp4 format while others use a different one. Base Image Downloader supports most other image formats, so it is able to grab almost anything related to GIF. You can save them all at once or one at a time if you choose.

There is a screen recorder and editor.

Screen recording tools can be used if other tools don't work. Screen recorder and editor is one of the best screen recorder and editor that I have used, it has a lot of options for recording the active tab and the entire desktop.

You can choose which parts of a website you want to download.

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We need to save the page.

Save Page WE (Chrome/Edge) is one of the better options for saving the entire page. It is easy to use and supports keyboard shortcut. If you choose to save images from a page to a disk, it will work for audio and video files as well.

You can download all the images.

The Download All Images (Firefox) extension has the same name as another extension, but it is not the same utility. There is plenty of flexibility when it comes to how the grabbed pictures are saved, as this add-on offers a host of options, enabling you to filter downloads by image size, image type, and even image URL.

You have a lot of options with download all images.

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Down Them All.

Everything from a website can be grabbed by DownThemAll. It comes with a lot of options for choosing what to save and where to keep it. You will find this extension essential.

There is a single file.

One of the best and most efficient ways to save web pages is with the SingleFile extension. It integrates very neatly into the Firefox interface and will download all of the content from a website. If you are having a hard time grabbing images with other extensions, this may be the solution.