How quickly the notification banners disappear in the upper-right corner of the screen is something that is bothering you. Did it annoy someone you know? Is that person so frustrated with macOS that they write an attack against the preferred platform of their colleagues?

I might be able to make it less annoying. All you have to do is decide which notifications you want to keep on-screen and which you want to hide.

I used a Mac with macOS Ventura. It's possible that your directions and screens are slightly different if you're using macOS Monterey.

Notification settings for your screen

Notification settings in macOS Ventura.
Notification settings in macOS Ventura.
Screenshot: Umar Shakir / The Verge

You can change the way your Mac displays notifications.

The first thing to do is to open System settings. You can click on notifications.

You can see the settings for the Notification Center at the top. The following adjustments can be made.

You can choose between Always, When Unlocked, or Never in the show previews. When you want notifications for any app to show you its contents, you can use these options. Don't go with Never if you want privacy. It is possible to see the message when the Mac is unlocked. If your Mac puts its display to sleep, you should be able to turn off notifications. Turn it on if you want your Mac to alert you for everything. If you turn this off, your computer will keep quiet about notifications coming in when you are away from the keyboard. If you are on a lot of calls where you share your screen, you might want to keep this setting off to avoid annoying notifications showing up. You don't want people to see your messages.

Notification settings for apps

You can change a variety of behaviors per app — in this case, Slack.
You can change a variety of behaviors per app — in this case, Slack.
Screenshot: Umar Shakir / The Verge

There's a list of your apps in the same notification settings screen. You can take a lot of control over how you are notified in each app. These changes need to be made.

You can click on the app to do something. Messages or Mail is one of the most common work communications apps. Notifications can be turned on or off at the top of the page. You won't hear anything from the app if you're off.

You can choose the type of alert you want to see in the upper-right corner of the screen if you choose to have notifications on. You have options.

You won't see a banner, but you could be notified in other ways. If you are okay with a number badge on the dock icon, this will work well for the mail app. I agree with mine that 30,000 is the correct number. The standard choice for banners is this one. After five seconds, it disappears from view. If you want to look at someone else's text but don't want it to stick around, it's a good thing. The banner is going to stay. If you want, you can use this to keep your messages on the screen until you acknowledge them, either by clicking them open or dismissing them off to the right with a click and a two-fingered gesture.

You can change the banner you choose with the app. Show previews to Never are an option to keep notifications more discreet.

To make it so that app pop-ups don't automatically group within the Notification Center, you can either click the upper-right corner of your screen or use your trackpad to scroll down.

Choose how long a banner sticks around

Wait, come back! I don’t feel like clicking on the clock to open Notification Center to see you again.
Wait, come back! I don’t feel like clicking on the clock to open Notification Center to see you again.
Screenshot: Umar Shakir / The Verge

If you want the banner to stay around for a longer period of time, that is fine. Apple won't allow you to do that. There is a Terminal command that you can use to change the duration of a notification banner. If you want to try this option out, follow along.

You can either open Terminal from your Applications > Utilities folder or use Spotlight to find it. Command and space bar can be used together. The following command can be typed in Terminal.

defaults write bannerTime 12

You would like your banners to stay for 12 seconds. The system can be set to 5 seconds. The number should be replaced with the number of seconds you want. The hit return was successful. Your system will need a restart after the change has been made.

Your banners will stay for a certain amount of time. It's important to note that this doesn't work on newer versions of MacOS. You can't change how long the notifications stay for specific apps.

Take some time to look at all of your apps and decide which ones you want to hear from and how you want to see notifications.

It's not going to satisfy everyone if you keep your notifications on your screen. A senior editor told me that wasn't what he wanted. I can see my screen is full.