Teams chat will be integrated into Outlook. Microsoft says that it will be available for all users in March of 2023.

The feature provides an easy Teams chat experience from Outlook in the context of a meeting for participants to send a quick message or review the chat.

The chat integration is limited to Outlook calendar items and will be useful for meeting organizers and participants to discuss a meeting in real time rather than sending emails.

Teams messages will show up in Outlook on the internet.

Teams messages will be included in search results for Outlook in the future. This feature is going to be added in February. A view that includes a person's profile, contact data, and more is coming in February.

Recent additions to Microsoft Teams include scheduled send, instant polls in meetings and improved search results.

While Microsoft continues to improve Teams on a monthly basis, the company is also trying to resolve antitrust concerns around its bundling of Teams with Office. More than two years ago, a competition complaint was filed against Microsoft in the EU, and now the European Commission is looking into the matter.