An ibis carrying a toadImage source, Supplied
Image caption, An ibis spotted eating a toad in Logan, near Brisbane

The white ibis is the most hated animal in Australia.

Bin chicken has earned the nickname for its propensity to steal food from people's hands and messily raiding garbage.

The native bird may have found a way to improve its reputation.

The cane toad is one of the most hated animals in Australia.

Cane toads have wreaked havoc on native animal populations since they were first introduced to Australia in the 1930's.

Most animals that come into contact with the toad die quickly of a heart attack because of its venom.

EmilyVincent was surprised when members of the community began sending her pictures and videos of ibis playing.

Invasive species have been reported up and down Australia's east coast according to Ms.Vincent.

Ibis was tossing the toads in the air, and people were wondering what was going on.

They would either wipe the toads in the wet grass or go to a water source nearby and rinse the toads out.

She thinks it's proof that the birds have developed a method of ridding themselves of toxins before swallowing them whole.

It is quite funny.

Professor Rick Shine said that birds have been seen eating cane toads before.

They don't seem to be as vulnerable to the poison as other animals.

An ibis carrying a toadImage source, Supplied
Image caption, Toad expert Rick Shine says he hasn't heard of the behaviour before

They can die from too much of it.

As the species spread across Australia, birds like hawks and crows were able to figure out how to eat the poison.

They would flip the toads on their back and take out their insides.

Prof Shine has been studying toads for 20 years and has never heard of birds eating them whole.

Ibis get an unfair reputation, but this shows that they are smart.

The cane toad has been forced to get rid of the toxin itself, they haven't had to make any changes to it. The cane toad is taking care of them.

It is a sign that native animals are learning to adapt to the toads, according to Professor Shine and MsVincent.

Some species are starting to understand that the pests are a bad choice for lunch and that some species are undergoing genetic changes that will make them less susceptible to the poison.

The population of toads could be brought under control if the ibis were able to eat them safely.

Up to 70,000 new cane toads are prevented each year by removing female cane toads from the environment.

Cane toadImage source, Getty Images
Image caption, As well as poisoning predators, cane toads also dine on small native animals

Prof Shine says that most of the heavy lifting is done by animals that Australians dislike.

Professor Shine says that the animals are helping to reduce the number of cane toads.

We should be thankful for some of the Australians.

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Birds are on the balcony.