One of the most powerful executives within the English women's game has been created by the appointment of Polly Bancroft as Head of Women's Football at Manchester United.

The new role of Bancroft is to help take United to the top of European football.

The process to become Manchester United's first head of women's football was started by Bancroft.

She told Sky Sports that she saw the ad. I was immediately interested in the scale of the role and the opportunity that this brand has, both in terms of women's first team participation in the Women's Super League, but more broadly than that.

Prior to becoming the general manager for the women's team at the Seagulls, Bancroft had worked for The FA.

She says that she brought integration and collaboration to her job at BRIGHTON. At Manchester United, there's also an appetite to do that.

There is a lot of experience within the club. The club knows how to play a game of football.

It's balancing the understanding of female athletes and the female game with the understanding of the men's side. The two blends of experience and specialism are brought together.

The role of 'Head of Women's Football' is unique within the women's game but it is a position that more clubs in the WSL will adopt as they realise they cannot translate their understanding of the men's game neatly to the women.

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There are some differences between working with female athletes and men. We are in a different league and there are different rules that need to be followed. It isn't using a copy and paste model but it is understanding the needs of the game and being able to navigate through that.

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The position at United will combine business and football elements.

The role has more than one layer, according to Bancroft. It's to work closely with the players and the staff of the first team. Also throughout the path.

"We've got eight female teams within the club and we've also just started up an emerging talent centre as well."

Further integrating women's football within the club is what it's about. It is working with a number of departments.

The third layer is working with key stakeholders The women's game will be further developed by working with the FA, broadcasters, and our supporters' club.

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Many of the challenges that Bancroft might face in her new role are not obvious yet because women's football is only growing.

One change that is likely to happen is the WSL transitioning away from being managed by the FA.

We are looking at our role in those discussions. We have members that are heavily involved in various committees within the FA and I think we have a good voice in those conversations.

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The best future for the women's game is being discussed by the clubs and the FA. Everyone is determined to find the best home for the women's game.

In her new role, she will be looking to navigate a lot of potential developments. On a day-to-day basis, there are other challenges.

The priorities to make the biggest impact are worked out because the role is so large.

It's about being aware of the different requests that come through, whether that's in marketing, in recruitment, or working with staff."

"Doing it in a good way is what I think it's about, being able to be clear what the priorities are, and then sticking to your guns and using your knowledge and experience, but doing it in a good way."

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The first thing that will come to mind is what happens on the pitch.

There have been three fourth-place finishes in the WSL in a row, but there are also three Euro 2022. Expectations are going to go up.

The growth has been rapid. In the new era, this is the fifth season.

We want to win all of the games. We want to compete in the last part of the competition. Everyone is pulling in the same direction to help us achieve.

Manchester United may have found the final piece in their puzzle.

Sky Sports will show the women's game between Man United andArsenal on Saturday.