Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.
Mark Zuckerberg apologized on Wednesday for making 11,000 job cuts.
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Meta employees are not happy about the employee reviews on blind. Some reviews posted on Wednesday are negative, but others are more positive. One user compared the layoffs to "hunger games" and another said the Facebook owner had an uncertain future.

Insider looked at the workplace community app to see what staff were saying about Meta and its CEO. A number of employee reviews of Meta were posted on Blind.

"The Metaverse will be our slow death," a user wrote on Wednesday. The company will be killed with the meta-verse.

He admitted that he got this wrong and apologized to staff.

Blind users must provide their work email address, job title and employer when joining the platform so the company can gauge the professional status of posters.

A user's employment isn't official. Blind told users to re-verify their accounts.

According to Rick Chen, head of public relations at Blind, most of the posted reviews have been written by current employees of the respective companies at the time of writing.

He said that the loss of access is not immediate.

Over 6000 reviews of the company have been posted by Meta employees, and they have a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

In a list of "pros", the engineer who gave the company five stars listed extremely smart and talented coworkers and a great culture. On the day of the layoffs, they said that Zuck was leading the company in the wrong direction. Meta is in need of layoffs in executive level according to a user who says they are a data scientist. Meta received a four-star rating from a person who worked in talent acquisition. Mark is not afraid to take risks, which is a good and bad thing, according to them. The poster wrote that poor leadership was on track to sink the ship. "Good pay" perks, benefits and peers were listed as "pros". There was no accountability at and above Director level. The directors and VPs are here to milk the company.

I thought it was a data-driven company, but it is actually one man's gut feeling and emotions that drive it. He can't change his decision.

Some Meta employees have a negative view of Facebook's founder. The former staff member told Insider that the CEO handled the layoffs with care. The mass cuts were described as the "worst layoff in history" by another engineer. I wouldn't recommend anyone to work there until the stock price is back to normal.

Meta did not reply to the request.

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