If you want to return to the office, please do so.

During a recent staff meeting, Musk was secretly recorded giving an ultimatum to employees working from home. Some employees were given 12-hour shifts and 7 days a week to meet Musk's demands.

The clip from the recording was released by ABC News.

Twitter Headquarters

People can't remain at the company if they don't return to the office when they can. The end of the story is what Musk said.

A person pushing back. If they came back to the office. We will not be in person anyways.

Musk is not having it. The amount of in-person activity can be maximized.

It's basically if you can, if you can show up at an office and you don't show up at the office, resignation accepted!" he said.

Elon Musk Hard At Work Getty

Musk says a lot of his employees work remotely, but they are exceptions. He comes to an end. I know if that doesn't work for some people. That's the new way of thinking.

Elon Musk Fires Half The Staff At Twitter, Employees File Suit Getty

Half the workforce was slashed by the world's richest man. Musk is accused of violating federal and California laws by not giving the fired employees proper notice before they were canned.

Shannon said she will use the audio clip as evidence to show Musk is violating the WARN Act by eliminating remote work.

If more people don't sign up for Musk's monthly subscription service, he'll have to go bankrupt.

It's tough, Elon.