Are you working from home? Are you lonely? Do you miss human interaction? Did you finally get your home office setup looking good? Then join us today for our first-ever (and possibly last) TechCrunch -Equity Livestream-Hangout Extravaganza.

From Team Equity we'll have Danny Crichton, Alex Wilhelm, new addition Natasha Mascarenhas, our producer Chris Gates, TechCrunch Editorial Director Henry Pickavet, and perhaps even some puppies. It's BYOB, naturally, but if it's after lunch where you are, cocktails are allowed.

We'll have a loose agenda of things to argue about, but it won't be as much fun as it could be without you.

So join us here on Zoom. And make sure to check out TechCrunch's Twitter handle at @TechCrunch for updates just in case we can't figure out how to Zoom into anything.

That's it, really. We're excited to try this out and we're excited to see you. Cameras on, let's go!


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