I can't wait to learn more about Starlux Airlines and the first A350.

Starlux Airlines’ Airbus A350 order

With Taiwan having been locked down for over two years, it wasn't a good time for Starlux Airlines to launch just before the Pandemic. Starlux Airlines is about to grow in an exciting way as things start to look up.

So far, Starlux Airlines has exclusively flown Airbus A321neos and Airbus A330-900neos, both of which will primarily be used for short and medium haul flights.

Starlux Arlines Airbus A330-900neo business class

The carrier has 18 A350-900s on order and will be joining the fleet soon. The airline streamlined the order to just include A350-900s after initially ordering a mix of A350-900 and A350-1000s.

Starlux executives are in Toulouse performing final pre- delivery checks. The jet is expected to land in Taiwan on October 29 from Toulouse.

The video covers some of the pre- delivery procedures. Chang Kuo-wei is the CEO of Starlux Airlines and a pilot in the video. He is a legend among av nerds.


The A350 is going to be delivered by Starlux.

Starlux Airlines Airbus A350-900
Starlux Airlines Airbus A350-900
Starlux Airlines Airbus A350-900
Starlux Airlines Airbus A350-900
Starlux Airlines Airbus A350-900

Starlux Airlines’ Airbus A350 route plans

Starlux Airlines will be using the A350 for long haul service, and it is exciting. Los Angeles is expected to be the airline's first long haul destination as of April 23, 2023.

It is not known how many destinations the airline wants to fly to, but they have requested permission to do so.

It would be great to see the airline establish partnerships with other companies. Oneworld seems to be the obvious choice since China Airlines and EVA Air are members of Star Alliance.

I would like to be able to redeem partner miles on Starlux Airlines.

Starlux Airlines’ mysterious A350 cabins

We don't know what Starlux's A350 cabins will look like We know that the airline will have first class, but we don't know what products will be used in the cabins.

The A350s will feature a total of over 300 seats.

  • Four first class seats
  • 26 business class seats
  • 36 premium economy seats
  • 240 economy class seats

Starlux Airlines is focused on offering a great product and I am excited to learn about their cabins. I would love to see an innovative product, but I think the airline will choose existing products with their own finishes. Premium products have changed a lot over the years.

The first A350 with dimmable windows is expected to be delivered by StarLux.

Bottom line

Starlux Airlines is about to take delivery of its first of 18 A350s, which will be used for long haul flights. The plane is expected to arrive in Los Angeles in April of 2023. I am not the only one who is curious to learn more about the A350 interiors.

What do you think about the A350?