Microsoft is changing the name of its Office apps on Windows to Microsoft365. While the existing app is mostly used for quick access to Office apps, this new Microsoft365 one is designed to really leverage Microsoft's Graph network to provide additional apps, relevant documents, and a feed of meetings and information that might be useful to plan a day ahead.

Consumers and students will also be able to take advantage of the new app. Regular access to Office apps, a feed of recent documents and files, and the ability to browse by meetings will be included.

There is a section for third-party apps and company apps, as well as all Microsoft apps. There is a feed for seeing what meetings are coming up.

The new Microsoft 365 app is part of Microsoft's larger strategy and focus as a company on Microsoft365 and is reflective of the innovation we've strived to deliver as work and life continue to evolve. The new app serves as a hub for all the productivity apps Microsoft offers and provides a simple, yet powerful experience for our customers as they navigate changing workstyle and collaboration patterns.

Two years ago, Microsoft launched a monthly subscription package called Microsoft 365 for consumers. It has been a success, as Microsoft Consumer subscriptions have grown to over 50 million.