• The Life Care Center of Kirkland, a nursing home near Seattle, Washington, has been hit extremely hard by the coronavirus in the US.
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  • The home accounts for 60% of the current US virus death toll by itself.
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  • Elderly patients are isolated, and worried families have to communicate on mobile phones, while watching through windows.
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  • As of March 11, 23 deaths from the coronavirus were linked to the center, and almost one third of its 180 employees are also under quarantine.
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A nursing home near Seattle has become one of the worst-hit places in the US by outbreaks there of the coronavirus.

In a matter of weeks, coronavirus cases ballooned at the Life Care Center of Kirkland. By March 10, up to one-third of its 180 staff members were under quarantine. By March 11, 23 coronavirus deaths in Washington were linked to the center.

Globally, the coronavirus has now killed more than 4,600 people and infected 126,000.

38 deaths have been recorded in the US, which means that the Life Care Center has contributed around 60% of the nationwide death toll.

Constantine Valhouli, who moved his father into the nursing home less than a year ago told Reuters, "You've got this perfect storm of conditions - the density of residents, the age of residents and the health concerns. The terrifying part of it is that you can worry about it from a distance, but the minute you've got a case, it's almost too late."

Inside, elderly patients are isolated in their rooms, unable to take showers or receive visitors. Outside, worried relatives look through windows, and talk to their loved ones on mobile phones.

Here's what it's like inside the Life Care Center of Kirkland, in photos.