Heisman hopefuls! (1:08)

They are trying to take home the trophy. There is a time and a place for this.

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The college football season is four weeks old, and we're on the watch list for the next season. We're dialed in from a surprise campaign in Lawrence, Kansas, to a couple of strong cases in Tuscaloosa.

In addition, you'll get a Q&A with Kansas quarterback Jalon Daniels.

15 voters ranked their top five candidates with five points for a first place vote and one point for a fifth place vote.

Top five candidates

1. C.J. Stroud, QB, Ohio State

The total points were 61.

In a win against Toledo on Sept. 17, Stroud finished 22-of-27 for 362 yards and five touchdown. He has thrown for four-plus touchdown in three of the Ohio State's four games.

The odds of the winner are + 160.

The odds are courtesy of a bookmaker.

2. Jalon Daniels, QB, Kansas

The total points were 51.

Daniels leads the nation with a score of 98.0. He ran for 83 yards and a touchdown while leading Kansas to a perfect start to the season.

The odds of winning the award are +4000.

3. Bryce Young, QB, Alabama

The total points were 45.

Young's most complete performance was against Commodores. He threw for over 400 yards and four touchdown. Young hasn't matched his output from last season yet, but with SEC play here, it looks like his statistics are starting to rise again.

The odds of the winner are +450.

4. Brock Bowers, TE, Georgia

The total points were 20.

The tight end has done a lot of damage on the ground despite being one of the toughest to cover. In Georgia's 39-22 win over Kent State, Bowers ran for 77 yards and two scores on just two carries. He has four rushing and two through the air goals.

The odds of the winner are +7500.

5. Will Anderson Jr., LB, Alabama

First-place votes are not counted.

Anderson had his best game when the SEC started. The winner of the Bronko Nagurski trophy had 2.5 sacks and five total tackles in Alabama's win. He has 4.5 sacks this season.

The odds of winning the award are +4000.

The total points in parentheses are the votes received by others.

Q&A with Jalon Daniels

Daniels talked about the Heisman after Kansas beat Duke in Lawrence.

Who is your favorite person to win the award?

He was able to run a lot when he was at the University of Florida. He made a lot of things happen at a young age. We're both from California and we're in the same age group. There needs to be support for those California ties.

What did you think about the game of football?

Seeing the amount of athletic ability that he has, being able to extend plays, being able to get out of the pocket and run if he can, that's what I was looking for. If he had to, he was the one who could get the ball down the field. My game was modeled after someone. At the NIL summit in Atlanta, I was able to meet Tim Tebow.

Is the Heisman something you have thought about before this season or when you arrived at Kansas?

It's something that every quarterback dreams of, being able to get some type of accolade, like the Heisman. Being in high school and being able to see all these quarterbacks win the awards is definitely something that you envision, but the fact that this is actually happening to me is crazy.

It started to become real for you.

I would say the last week. A lot of my teammates hit me up and said, "Heisman, that and I'm just like, wow." My name was nowhere to be found a year ago. The amount of growth in that path is amazing.

If you were to go to New York, what would you look for?

It's definitely Times Square. I would like to take pictures at that location.

The lowest point in your career was what you asked.

My freshman year, definitely. It can mess with your head a lot when you're a freshman and you go 0-9. It makes you think if you are good enough to be in this situation. Being away from my family in Kansas was difficult. In all the hard times I've had in my career, I'm usually able to go back home, talk to my mom, and wake up in a better mood. Being away from home was not an easy thing to do.

This season could be special, when did you know it?

As a team, that vision has always been there. We knew what we were going to have to do in order to be able to play our brand of football and compete in all of our games.

Dime Droppin' 🎯

— Kansas Football (@KU_Football) September 24, 2022

Top Heisman moments of the season

This is the first thing. Brock is a threat in the passing game, but he may be a dual threat tight end this season.


The handoff was taken by Brock Bowers and he scored to make the score 7-1.

There are two The Alabama offense went down the field for a touchdown in the final seconds of the game to beat the Texas Longhorns.


Young escapes the rush for a big first down.

There are three. C.J. Stroud threw a second-half touchdown and led a 7 minute drive to close out the game for the Ohio State.


C.J. Stroud scored a touchdown despite taking a hit.

Heisman game of the week

Alabama and Arkansas are playing on Saturday. The program is hosted by CBS.

With two players in the top five, Alabama will have a chance to win the award. Young and Anderson are concerned about a road game at Arkansas. Young will face an Arkansas defense that has only allowed more than 28 points once this season, while Anderson will have to try to slow down Jefferson.