Employees at Amazon received emails about promotions. The raises weren't what they thought.

According to an email sent on Thursday, a one-time bonus that was part of their compensation package had been miscalculated and would be lower than they had been told.

According to Insider, about 40% of promoted employees this quarter were affected by the error in calculating the bonuses.

An Amazon spokesman told Fortune that they immediately corrected an issue with some newly promoted employees.

Competition for workers is heating up in the tech sector as compensation is a major issue.

After the company's annual internal survey revealed their unhappiness with pay, Amazon doubled its maximum base salary to $350,000.

The survey found that less than half of employees considered their pay competitive, and less than half found their compensation fair and equitable.

The same can't be said for the company's thousands of hourly workers. Andy Jassy said that the minimum wage is unlikely.

He said that there was a limit to the economics that could be paid for a business. The company raised its average hourly wage to $18.

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