The new security and privacy features in the update are aimed at preventing spyware, protecting users against domestic and spousal abuse, and replacing passwords that allow hackers to break into your online accounts.

There is a list of what to expect after installation.

Lockdown Mode

Lockdown Mode temporarily switches off certain core features of your iPhone that are frequently abused by spyware makers to break through an iPhone's security defenses. By blocking these features, your phone is less likely to be used to spy on you. Journalists, activists, human rights defenders, and even politicians whose phones are frequently targeted by their own governments are targeted by it.

A screenshot of Lockdown Mode in iOS 16, which blocks certain iOS features that are sometimes abused by spyware from working.

Lockdown Mode blocks certain features from being used. The image is from the website TechCrunch.

The Lock Down Mode was given a spin by the website. The security feature limits what you can do on your phone, but the mode makes it much harder for attackers to compromise your phone and its data.

Hands-on with Lockdown Mode in iOS 16

Rapid security response

There are two tracks of automatic updates, one for your software and the other for your phone, and you can install security hot-fixes as soon as Apple releases them. The idea is to not have to install a full update every time.

A screenshot of Automatic Updates in iOS 16 showing a new setting,

Over-the-air and silently installed security responses and system files updates are included in a new feature in the latest version of the operating system. The image is from the website TechCrunch.

Without having to rely on device owners to finish the job with a phone restart, Apple can push out emergency patches to devices.

macOS Ventura users will get rapid security updates when their laptops anddesktops are updated.

Apple introduces real-time security updates for iOS and macOS

Safety Check

Safety Check is a new feature in Apple's mobile operating system that will allow you to immediately cut all shared access to your accounts and data in the event of a dangerous situation. As we explored earlier this year, the feature includes an "emergency reset" option that instantly resets all access that anyone has to your messages, apps, real time location and other of your personal information.

A screenshot of Safety Check, a new feature that lets you to disconnect from people, apps and devices

If circumstances or trust levels change, you can use Safety Check, a new feature that allows you to disengage from people, apps and devices. The image is from the website TechCrunch.

Safety Check is a thoughtful approach to real world circumstances that many face daily, and recognizes that the technologies that we use can have bad consequences.

Apple iOS adds feature to sever ties with abusers, with Safety Check


Passkeys could be the mass adoption of passwordless authentication we have been waiting for. Apple PassKeys let you sign into websites and apps using your device, rather than a password, which can be leaked, lost, or stolen, by authenticating with your face or fingerprints.

A screenshot showing a new log-in method on an Apple website, which lets you use your device as a

The log-in method on the Apple website allows you to use your device as a passkey.

Passkeys use a common standard set out by FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium. The group effort has so far been signed up by Apple, Microsoft and others. There is an explainer on what passes are and how they work.

What is Apple Passkey, and how will it help you go passwordless?

An important security addition to the mix is the blocking of apps from accessing the contents of your phone's clipboard. It means that apps can't see anything you have copied and put in another app. That will prevent apps from reading sensitive information, like a password, without your permission.

A new security feature called Pasteboard protection blocks apps from reading your iPhone's clipboard without your permission.

There is a new security feature called Pasteboard protection. The image is from the website TechCrunch.

You will be able to allow or deny the paste in the new edition of the operating system. It saves your private data from being uploaded to the internet without you knowing.

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