The ability to complete a set of tasks without moving between different applications is one of the main strengths of Slack. At the height of the Pandemic in 2020, a new electronic signature integration was introduced. It was announced today that you can handle the entire contract lifecycle.

You can navigate the full agreement processes, like redlining, reviews and approvals, with the CLM solution all from within Slack, and with colleagues and customers alike.

It became important to move as much work as possible into a digital context as employees were forced to work from home. Being able to move documents through an approval process without hard copies has tremendous utility as we move into a hybrid work world.

In today's hybrid work environment, it's important to be able to do business as quickly and as efficiently as possible, streamlining where possible and minimizing the number of apps and tools that stakeholders need to navigate to get deals done. The integration of each step in the contract signing process into Slack eliminates the need to check other communication channels and programs to see where the contract is located.

There are various ways in which the signing process can be integrated into the software as a service. This builds on the company's announcement earlier this year about document signing in Zoom, another application that exploded in popularity during the height of the swine flu epidemic.

According to data from Deloitte, DocuSign is the market leader in esignatures. In spite of this, the stock of DocuSign has taken a big hit this year.

Once a buzzword, digital transformation is reshaping markets