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The internet rushed to her defense after she was attacked for her weight and appearance.

The comedian did an interview with "The Art of Dialogue" and when they posted a portion of it on Friday, all hell broke loose on social media. The point he was trying to make was overshadowed by the tone of what he said.

He pivoted to an insult after being asked if he thought Lizzo's music was a good one. He says she has a pretty face, but a terrible body.

"If people really cared, they'd send a different message to these same stars, like Lizzo, one that's a bit more health- friendly."

Bill Maher was more tactful in his comments. He's paying for it with some of the responses on Lizzo's behalf.

AS pointed out that the irony was that the man who criticized Lizzo's weight was himself not the best shape. He is being met with the same viciousness he threw out in Lizzo's direction.

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Lizzo is in top shape because she can dance, sing and play the flute in any given set. Being fat doesn't mean you're bad.

Lizzo has opened up about the hate she gets and it has taken a toll. She hasn't responded yet, but she keeps her head high.