There's no one around to take a picture of your friends at an event. There is a solution to this that Apple has developed.

You can use the built-in self timer on your camera to take photos. If you have a long or short timer, your camera will take 10 photos in a row to give you the perfect shot.

There is a way to do it.

How to set the timer on your iPhone camera

This is the first thing. On your phone, open the camera app.

There are two If you want the photo to be taken, position your phone where you want it to be taken.

There are three. The down arrow is in the center of the screen.

The Camera app on iPhone, with the down arrow highlighted.
Tap this down arrow.
Stefan Ionescu/Insider

There are four. The clock icon is located at the bottom of the screen and can be tapped.

The Camera app on iPhone, with the clock icon highlighted in the slider at the bottom.
Tap the clock icon in the slider.
Stefan Ionescu/Insider

There are five. You can choose between three or 10 seconds for the time.

The Camera app on iPhone, with the timer options – Off, 3s, and 10s – highlighted in the slider at the bottom.
Set a timer for either three or 10 seconds.
Stefan Ionescu/Insider

There are six. The self timer can be started by pressing the shutter button. You can stop the timer at any time by pressing the stop button.

The Camera app on iPhone, with the stop button highlighted.
Tap the stop button if you want to stop the timer.
Stefan Ionescu/Insider

You can use the flashlight on the phone to time your picture.

There are seven. The Photos app needs to be opened after the photo has been taken.

There are eight. The self timer can be used to select the picture.

There are nine. You will be shown 10 different images when you tap Select.

The Photos app on iPhone, and it's showing a series of burst photos of a street taken with the self timer.
You'll see 10 burst photos taken with the self timer.
Stefan Ionescu/Insider

If you tap the Live Photo button at the top, you can turn off burst for timed photos.

There are ten. You can choose the ones you want to keep by scrolling through the images. You can skip this step if you want to keep all of them.

There is a new date for the 11th. The tap is done in the upper right corner.

The number of photos you selected is the number of favorites you can keep. You can keep everything if you tap it.

The Photos app on iPhone, showing a pop-up with the options “Keep Only # Favorites” and “Keep Everything.” The pop-up appears when selecting which images to keep from a group of burst photos.
Choose which photos you want to keep – you can also keep them all.
Stefan Ionescu/Insider