Google’s Pixel 6 Pro.
Photo by Becca Farsace / The Verge

On August 15th, 2022, it was announced that the update would be rolled out to the devices. This doesn't mean that even if you have a qualified device, you won't be able to get the update. The update is usually delivered in a number of weeks.

There is always a way to sideload the update without a computer, but there is also an easier option. If you are tired of seeing the software update screen say there is nothing new, there is a trick you can use.

Enroll in the Android Beta program

The first thing you need to do is enroll in theAndroidBeta program, which will allow you to try out the new software all summer. If you enroll today, you won't get aBeta build since the final version is out. It will be the same version of the operating system that is being rolled out.

  • Go to the Android Beta program website on any device with a browser (including your phone) and log in to the same Google account that your phone uses.
  • At the top is a button to “see eligible devices.” Tap that and the page will scroll to the bottom, where you’ll hopefully see your Pixel phone.
  • You can then hit the “Opt in” button to join the beta. A window will pop up, and you’ll have to agree to the terms and conditions of the program and then press Confirm and Enroll.
You can join the beta program from your phone or any device with a web browser.
Screenshot: Dan Seifert / The Verge

Install the update

  • Now that your phone is enrolled in the beta program, go to the settings app on your phone, scroll down to System, tap that, and then tap System Update. The Android 13 update should appear right away. Tap the button that shows up to install it.

Leave the Android Beta program

  • Once you’ve installed the update (which can take some time depending on your internet connection and how many apps you have installed on your phone), you can then go back to the Android Beta website and click the “Opt out” button on your pictured device to unenroll from the program.
  • Google provides a warning that, if you are currently running beta software and leave the beta program, an update will be delivered to your phone that will wipe its data and put it back on a stable build. But since the version of Android 13 you just installed is the stable build, that won’t happen here.

You skipped the queue that was put you in and are now using the software. This only works until a new build of the software is released by the company. If you leave the program after installing that build, your phone will be wiped and restored to the stable version of the operating system.

The process is necessary for the two phones. The update is more accessible if you have a Pixel 4 or 5. It is not possible to go back to Android 12 in the future if you update to the newer version of the operating system on the newer devices.