There are various categories in Guinness World Records that appeal to different types of people. There is a record in Guinness World Records that was published in 1980. In 44 hours, it was done.

The ever-developing aircraft technology, flight routes, and flight times have made it possible for me to accomplish the feat faster. I decided to make calculations after challenging the record.

I wanted to work on an itinerary that I could complete in less than 44 hours. We did not have as many airlines as we do now, and the scheduled flights were not as frequent as they are now. There was no chance of a fast connection.

The record hadn't been broken by anyone else in over four decades. I couldn't come close to a 44-hour world tour plan even though I tried. I questioned the previous record's validity because I couldn't calculate an alternative route plan.

I told Guinness that I had been working on an alternative route for a long time and that I had doubts about the accuracy of the record that was published on their website.

The record title was changed to 50 hours with no previous record holder.

I was going to send the route to Guinness for approval.

Guinness World Record Definition and Rules

The route had to comply with Guinness World Records rules and keep a journey time less than the target completion time. The route plan needed to be realistic.

The definition and rules of Guinness World Records are listed below.

  • This record is for the shortest elapsed time taken for a world circumnavigation on scheduled airline flights only.
  • This record is to be attempted by an individual.
  • For this record, a "scheduled flight" is defined as one aboard an aircraft of a registered airline with a published timetable, for which a public member may purchase a ticket in advance.
  • This flight must be part of a regular public service. Charter flights are not permissible.
  • Time starts when the first flight leaves the runway and ends as soon as the final flight lands on the runway at the same airport.
  • The journey must be in one direction, i.e., from East to West or West to East.
  • The attempt must cover a minimum distance of 36,787 km.
  • Start and finish points must be in the exact location.
  • The journey must be continuous, with each leg beginning at the point where the last leg ended.


You need to be patient and know that it will take time to prepare a route plan.

The world record is similar to figuring out a four-digit pin code for a padlock by putting numbers from one to nine in each possible combination.

You have an alternative plan to make the record better as you have calculated the route plan. A solution or a route plan becomes an intellectual property at that time.

Data and statistics are difficult to analyze. All flights that take off worldwide but not regularly, daily, or at fixed departure times are referred to.

Adding closed airspace and COVID-19 restrictions makes this even more complicated.

The route may work on a specific day of the week, but it could be difficult to connect all flights the next day.

It adds up to more than 37,000 km if all flights are connected. It must be less than 50 hours.

Real-time departure and arrival time statistics may not be reliable. They aren't matching. It's back to square one.

I had to make this trip on Tuesday from Los Angeles before the end of September so I could travel more than 37,000 km.

The Route Plan

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) will be the first airport to be served by the first flight.

On August 10, 2022, the scheduled arrival time was 20. The average flight time was 15 minutes.

On August 10, 2022, there will be a second flight from Doha to Bne.

Arrival time was 18.15 on August 11, 2022. The average flight time was 13:20.

The 3rd flight is to Los Angeles by Qantas QF15 on August 11, 2022.

On August 11, 2022, the arrival time was 17.00 The average flight time was 13:03.

It took 46 hours and 30 minutes for the journey to be completed. The flight time was 37 minutes and 57 seconds.


It's important to have a calculated and accepted route plan on a piece of paper, but it's also important to calculate the cost and fund the trip in order to make the trip.

One of the most prestigious universities in Turkey is Bahcesehir University. It supports students and the community in many ways.

I contacted Professor Ismet Dindar and Mr. Enver Yucel to see if they'd be interested in funding the attempt.


I wanted to raise money so that I could make this journey more enjoyable and meaningful so that we can all benefit from it.

If I could inspire someone to take up challenges and raise funds for a charity that would make a difference in someone's life, I would be very happy.

I decided to raise money for a charity.

Trip Details

It's called LAX-Doh.

August 9,2022. The flight number is QR740 and it leaves at 18:45 and arrives at 19:50.


August 10th, 2022, The departure time is 21:45 and the arrival time is 17:30.


August 11th. The flight number is QF15 and it leaves at 21:06 and arrives at 17:09

It took 46 hours and 23 minutes to get from the airport to the airport.

Experience and Challenges

The check-in desk in Los Angeles was confused by my flight and final destination. They didn't know which country's VISA/COVID regulations would apply to me.

I was checked in for a trip to the USA by the staff at the check-in desk of the airline.

I was upgraded to their QSuite on both flights, which was a treat and made the journey so easy for me.

The flights were on time

The BNE's Media Manager and the Airport Operations Manager helped me get to my flight. Souvenirs from the airport were a gift.

Qantas departed 36 minutes later than the scheduled time and arrived 9 minutes later than the scheduled arrival time, which was a minor effect on my record-breaking time.

All flights were night flights from the departure location, and passengers wanted to eat, watch a movie, and sleep for the rest of the flight, which I was unable to do.

For most of the flight, window blinds were not open. I traveled with cabin lights.

It took 46 hours and 23 minutes to get from the airport to the airport.

I tried to keep my body time the same as Los Angeles but it's difficult to keep track of time when changing time zones.

The experience has been great. The next Guinness World Record attempt is going to be in China. A plan to travel more than 5200 km by trains in 24 hours will be worked on by me.

About Umit

I am always up for a challenge, even though I am the managing director of a UK-based consulting service.

As a hobby, I follow travel, hotel, and airline news around the world. Over the years, I have pushed the boundaries because of my love for daring holidays.

I decided to set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest circumnavigation by scheduled flights on August 9, 2022.