The Lock Screen and new features for apps like Mail, Messages, and Photos are the focus of the update, but Apple did add a few new options to the Notes and Reminders app.

There are a lot of new features in the Notes and Reminders app.


The Notes app now has an option to lock notes with the same password you use to lock your phone.

iPhone Quick Note

You can now add Quick Notes to the Share Sheet. You can add to Quick Note in first and third-party apps. Quick Notes can be created with a variety of links.

Quick Notes were only available on the iPad in iPadOS 15 but are now available on the iPhone. On the iPad, you can create Quick Notes from the Lock Screen, but on the iPhone, you have to use the Share sheet interface.

Better note organization can be achieved with the new Smart folder filters. Rules can be created for date created, date modified, shared, mention, checklist, attachment, folder, quick notes, pinned notes, and locked notes.

The way notes are organized used to be based on tags.

Lock Notes With Passcode

If you want to lock your notes with your phone's password, you can choose from a number of options. You're not likely to forget your phone's password, so that makes sense.

Notes locked with a password can be unlocked with Face ID and the feature doesn't need to be enabled, plus you can use the password for the device you're using to access locked notes across all of your devices.

note locked with your password can only be seen on devices running the following: Devices running older versions of the software won't be able to see the notes.

You can find your most recent notes in the Today and Yesterday chronological categories in your list of notes and gallery view.

notes ios 16 date organization


You can choose to use any or all of the criteria that you choose.

ios 16 notes filters any all


There are improvements for those who use the Reminders app on a regular basis.

Pinned Lists

You can pin the lists that you use the most to the top of the Reminders app. Reminder app sections include Today, Scheduled, and Flagged.

ios 16 pin reminder

Completed Smart List

The Reminders app now has a section called "Completed" that shows all of the reminders that you have checked off. The previous 7 days and previous 30 days are included in the section.

You can clear out completed reminders by tapping on the "Clear" button at the top of the app.

List Templates

If you have a list that you reuse frequently like a grocery list or packing list, you can save it as a template so it can be used again and again. The template section is an option when you create a new list.

You can use the templates section of the Reminders app. You can send a link to others from there.

You can import templates from others into the Reminders app.

Scheduled and Today List Improvements

Grouping by time and date makes it easier to see and remember. For a better division of the day, the morning, afternoon, and night are grouped.

There are groups on the Scheduled List for weeks and months.

Improved List Groups

Any list group can be used to show a view of both the lists and reminders.

You can choose to receive a notification when a task is completed in a shared list.

Enhanced Notes

Bullet points can be used in notes added to reminders.


You can use a custom smart list or a tag browser to choose which criteria you want to exclude.


Notes and Reminders work with the new collaboration feature in Apple's mobile operating system. Everyone on the thread is added to the Note or Reminder that you're working with when you send an invitation to collaborate.

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