A caver exploring Australia's deepest cave.

A caver exploring Australia's deepest cave. (Image credit: Ciara Smart)

Explorers went through Australia's deepest cave system on July 30 in order to set a new cave depth record.

The Southern Tasmanian Caverneers, a speleological organization based in Hobart, Australia, made it through the 1,316 foot deep cave. Stephen Fordyce, who discovered the cave and organized the expedition, named the cave "Delta Variant" to remind future cavers of current events.

The team spent 14 hours underground navigating a waterfall. The exploration of the cave was extremely strenuous, according to the statement. Hundreds of metres were required to be ascended and descend on ropes.

The Niggly-Growling Swallet cave system is linked up with the Delta Variant cave. The team's new cave route set a record for the highest entrance to the lowest point, because the Delta Variant cave entrance is 13 feet higher up on the surface.

While the explorers established a new record for Australia, the deepest cave in the world still exists in Abkhazia, a republic in Georgia.

Cavers discovered snakes and waterfalls in Yemen's "Well of Hell".

The explorers used lasers and dye-tracing techniques in the cave system to find out how the Delta Variant cave connects to the Niggly-Growling Swallet system. They explored the cave in stages over the course of six months.

It's been like climbing a mountain in reverse. We take as much rope as we can carry, then descend down while exploring side passages, then we go back up. We'll bring more rope and go further.

The team descended 115 feet down a final shaft that connected Delta Variant cave to the Niggly-Growling Swallet system after completing their passage. The team exited the Delta Variant cave via the Niggly-Growling Swallet system.

Brendan Moore said that theCavers have been close for a long time. No one had ever thought to climb the cliff. There is a hidden entrance. You can see what the bush can hide.

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