A screenshot showing the remodeled Gmail

The new layout of Gmail has been teased for months. The new layout of Gmail is now available to all. Immediate meet, chat, and spaces integration will be included in the new look. Enhancements for tablet users, along with many other improvements, will be available later this year.

How to get or opt out of Gmail redesign

The new look is going to be available to everyone who has signed up for the chat service. If you are interested in checking it for yourself, there is an official guide on how to get it. Click on the settings at the top right of the window and then under the Quick settings. There is a chance to try out the new view. You'll be asked to reload. If you don't like the view, you can opt out.

A screenshot of a dialog box

If you use a theme other than the default, you may not see the new look. Users who pay for workspace have access to the new layout.

What’s the new Gmail like?

The new look of the app menu will make it easier for you to find your way. There is a dock on the left-hand side of the screen where the chat, space, and meet columns can be found. Instead of the entire conversation popping up in the middle of the interface, chat message notification bubbles will sprout up. If you happen to be working inside an email, this is a good idea.

Search chips are additional criteria that you can use to scope out important messages in your inbox. They should make it easier to locate conversations in your archive.

I can only try out the new interface on my work email. Gmail's renovations are centered around the working environment and the kind of virtual collaboration that comes with it while cutting down on some of the busyness in the inbox.