Magic Eraser isn’t magic, but it is simple to use.

It isn't hard to ruin a great photo. It could be that you don't want someone in the background or a brightly colored object behind you when you take a picture. It takes a lot of time, money, and knowledge to remove guests from images. If you're short on any of the above, you'll be helped if you have a currentPixel.

The Magic Eraser feature is available on both thePixel 6 and 6 Pro and thePixel 6A. It is designed to remove distracting elements from your photos. The results aren't magic but they are better than what you started with. You don't have to pay for a subscription to try it out.

I followed these steps on a phone that was running an operating system.

  • Open Google Photos
  • Tap the photo you want to edit to open it
  • Magic Eraser may appear as one of the suggested editing tools, but if you don’t see it, then tap Edit > Tools > Magic eraser

If you look through your photos and see a suggestion to remove people from the background, you could end up in the Magic Eraser tool. The same process is used in both cases.

Screenshot of Google Photos editing tools options
You can find Magic Eraser under Tools in Google Photo’s editing section.
Photo of baby on a rug with suggested object for Magic Eraser tool in the background
Google Photos will look for suggested objects to erase.

Text at the bottom of the screen says "Suggestions found" if the system finds any areas that it can suggest to be erased. There is a white border around the suggestions.

There is a button at the bottom of the screen that allows you to switch between Erase and Camouflage. Camouflage will change the color of the area to make it less distracting, while Erase will remove the object and use artificial intelligence to fill in the background. The suggested area will change as you switch between these modes.

You can use the phone's suggestions if you tap either Erase all or Camouflage all. You can dismiss the suggestions if you tap the "X" on the text prompt. You can either circle the area you want to modify or brush over it. It is helpful if you are making a manual selection. You can use two fingers to move around the image and one to draw it.

You can make a manual selection by drawing on the screen.
The 6A’s camouflage feature doesn’t remove the object, but it makes it less distracting.

When you remove your finger from the screen, the effects will be applied to your chosen area. The buttons on the bottom of the screen can be used to un- apply and re- apply changes.

You can either save your changes or return to the main editing screen if you want to use other editing tools.