The game and app data is stored in the cache on your console.

It can becomebogged down if it isn't cleared out on a regular basis. If the cache gets full, you might be told to clear it.

It's possible to clear the cache of your Xbox One if it's slow.

If it won't clear, here's how to clear it.

What does clearing Xbox cache do?

If you clear the cache on your console, you'll get rid of any temporary data that it uses to load games and applications faster.

It won't remove your games, apps, save files, achievements, Gamescore, or any other user related data.

How to clear the cache on your Xbox One

There is no way to clear the cache from the menu. You will have to be physically active.

This is the first thing. If you want to turn off your console, hold the power button for 10 seconds and then press it.

A picture of someone pressing the power button on an Xbox One console.
Press and hold the power button until the console turns off.
Stefan Ionescu

There are two The power cord from the electrical sockets to the back of the console needs to be unplugged after you have powered down the console.

A picture of the back of an Xbox One, with the power cord unplugged and someone holding it.
Unplug the power cord from the Xbox One console.
Chrissy Montelli

The cord from the wall's electrical sockets must be disconnected from the console.

There are three. Wait a second and then connect the power cord to the electrical sockets.

There are four. Another minute has passed. If you're using an original Xbox One, you should be able to see a white light on the power brick. If the white light turns orange, you can turn the console off. Wait out the minute and turn it on when you're done.

The console should run better now that the cache has been cleared.

What to do if the cache won't clear

It's possible that the operation to clear the cache wasn't a success. A soft factory reset is your only other choice.

Make sure you update your console to the latest version before you start.

This is the first thing. While the console is on, you can open the guide by pressing the xbox button on your controller.

There are two Press the A button if you want to highlight settings.

The Xbox Guide menu, with the “Settings” option highlighted.
Go to “Settings” from the Xbox Guide menu.
Stefan Ionescu

There are three. Select the system you want to highlight and then press the A button.

The Xbox settings, with the “System” option highlighted on the left side menu, and the “Console info” option highlighted on the right.
Select “Console info” in the system settings.
Stefan Ionescu
4. Select Reset console and press the A button.
“Console info” settings on Xbox One, with the “Reset console” option highlighted.
You can reset your console but keep your games.
Stefan Ionescu

Your games and apps will be deleted after the reset by the xbox.