Lauren Boebert wrote in her new memoir that her husband never exposed his penis in a bowling alley bar despite being arrested, pleading guilty, and serving jail time for public indecency.

The gun-toting Republican firebrand from Colorado denies the allegations. She blames a bartender at the Fireside Lane bowling alley in Rifle, CO, who wouldn't stop asking to see her tattoo.

She and Jayson weren't married yet and he was trying to "bond" with her stepfather. The female bartender heard what a catch he would be when they chatted over drinks.

Boebert said that his friends teased her by saying he had gotten a tattoo in a private area, which made her curious, so she pressed him to show her the tattoo at the bar.

He acted like he was going to open his pants after ignoring her. The bowling alley owner tried to kick him out but didn't want to.

A basket of fries was thrown at the owner. Police were called.

The New York Post reported last year that Lauren Boebert, whose last name was Roberts, was at the bowling alley with two women. According to the police report, two women said that Jayson exposed his penis to them. The owner of the bowling alley called the police.

Boebert doesn't say where she was when the incident happened. She acknowledges that the bartender was 17 when he exposed himself to a minor. He didn't fight for his innocence in court.

She said that he didn't do what he was accused of. As a result of the experience, he realized that he needed alcohol and anger management classes as part of the plea deal.

She blames the left for not applauding him.