Apple has made a number of improvements to the Mail app in order to bring it in line with competitors. Tools for getting reminders about emails that you need to follow up on are included in the Mail app.

Everything you need to know about the Mail app will be covered in this guide, which will be released in September when the public will be able to use it.

Improved Search

When you start typing in a search term, you will now see a wider range of suggestions. Apple says that search corrects typos and uses synonym for search terms, and that you will see more relevant email messages.

It's not much different from the search function in the mobile operating system.

Australian, Canada, India, Singapore, UK, and United States are only some of the countries where improved search is available.

Undo Send

If you make a mistake after sending an email, you have 10 seconds to unsend it. Gmail gives you 30 seconds to unsend an email, but it's better than no un send option at all.

The "Undo Send" button can be found at the bottom of the Mail app. It takes you back to the compose interface if you don't un send the email within 10 seconds. You can either correct your error or remove the email completely.

Scheduled Send

When you're ready to send an email, you can schedule a time to send it, which is a new feature in iOS 16. Press on the send icon and then choose an option.

"Send Now," "Send 9:00 PM Tonight," and "Send 8:00 AM tomorrow" are preset by Apple. You can send later if those times don't work for you, and you can choose any date or time that you want.

The email will be listed in a "Send Later" mailbox that has options like Flagged and Unread. You can see when the messages are scheduled to be sent by tapping into the email inbox.

ios 16 mail app send later

Mail Reminders

The Mail app can remind you to reply to an email if you don't have time to do so. It's possible to have messages in your inbox when you choose a date and time.

If you want to use the remind me feature, you need to reply to any email. To remind me, scroll down and tap it. You will be reminded about it in an hour, "tonight," and "tomorrow." You can set a specific date and time to get a reminder to respond.

The Mail app will place the email to the top of your inbox with a "Remind Me" label if you don't respond in a timely manner.

Follow Up

If you don't hear back from the person you sent the email to, Apple's "Follow Up" feature will move the email to the top of your inbox.

You will see a "Follow Up" option on certain emails where you have indicated that you are waiting for a response. You can send an email to the person that you're waiting to hear from if you tap it.

Notifications for Missing Recipients and Attachments

The Mail app will let you know if you forget to add an attachment or someone else in the email.

If you forget an attachment or add someone you intended to add to an email, this feature will inform you.

Links to websites, songs in Apple Music, and more are displayed as rich links instead of plain text. If someone sends you a link in the mail, you can see a preview of the message without having to click on it.

The Mail app is in line with Apple's other apps since they use rich links in them.

Focus Filters for Mail

There is a new focus option called Filters in Apple's mobile operating system. If you have more than one Mail account, you can use a filters to show a specific Mail account or calendar if you have more than one. The app with the filter will only show what you've selected and not anything else.

You can associate any Mail account with a focus. The Mail app only shows the accounts you've selected when you're in that Focus. It's useful if you want to keep your personal emails separate from your work ones.

Guide Feedback

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