Beijing said it was natural for the US to feel sour after three major Chinese airlines signed a deal to buy $37 billion worth of aircraft.

An editorial in the Chinese state-run Global Times newspaper suggested that the US had been flooded with jealousy after Europe's Airbus won the order.

In one of the largest single-day deals in aviation history, the three Chinese airlines ordered nearly 300 passenger jets from the Toulouse, France-based company.

According to the Global Times, since the beginning of the year, Airbus has been in front of Boeing in terms of passenger plane orders and market share.

On the one hand, this is partly due to safety concerns as flights operated by Boeing737 MAX aircraft have not resumed in many countries. The disruption in the US supply chain has seriously affected Boeing's delivery capacity.

The editorial said that China was not to blame for Boeing's business being affected by political differences.

It said that it was natural for the US side to be upset.

Boeing is America's largest exporter and it is disappointing that the US aircraft exports have been constrained.

Boeing didn't reply immediately to Insider's request for comment.

The US and China have been involved in a trade war. Many of the tariffs imposed by the Trump administration are still in place.

According to The Washington Post, two-thirds of Chinese imports to the US were subject to tariffs.

Boeing called for productive dialogue between the Chinese and US governments, according to the news agency.