When planning an event, it's important to keep in mind the services that are offered. It's easy to dismiss the cost of food at an event as an additional expense, and event planners are tempted to cut back on food to save money. This doesn't usually pay off. Food and drink add to the experience of the event.

Catering services are important in meetings and events because of some reasons.

It makes or breaks the event

Catering can either make or break an event. Marriott International has a variety of options to cater for your guests. Marriott serves innovative and delicious food that will appeal to your guests.

The Westin's Eat Well Menu caters to your team's needs. The Bright Breaks program is designed to help attendees perform at their best before, during, and after the meeting. The Westin has an on-site chef that can cater to your event with ease.

The Pier One Sydney Harbour, Autography Collection has five-star Catering, which offers from coffee breaks to lunch buffets, as well as incomparable services.

It provides more opportunities to meet and network

Coffee breaks are important in meetings. Food is similar to a musical rest. It gives your guests the chance to use their creativity. Meeting new people is less awkward if there are things to drink. Sharing a meal leads to conversations and ideas.

Creative breaks and custom catering services are available for events at the Marriott. The hotel's team of chefs can help you design a menu.

One of the best hotels in Mumbai is The St. Regis Mumbai. Our talented chefs can also prepare food for guests. The Westin Goa has a team of chefs who use local ingredients in their dishes.

It makes your event memorable

The people remember good food. Whether it's a meeting, a conference, or a social gathering, food can help you brand it. Theered service will allow your event to stand out.

The Westin Singapore has a lot of different themes and menu options that focus on the health of your guests. The Westin Jakarta has a special menu called "Eat Well" which features many healthy and delicious options. A custom menu can be requested that is tailored to your needs. The event specialists and chefs at the hotel can help make the experience better.

It creates a sense of place

Trends in gastronomy come and go. More than 3000 executive chefs, expert culinarians, and mixologists are employed to bring fresh concepts and ingredients together. Marriott brings a farm-to-table experience by using seasonal harvests. The goal is to provide a one-of-a-kind experience with a large variety of innovative cuisine and build-it-yourself plates.

It's time to see how Marriott Catering Services have changed dining. The JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok has an event Catering team that can help organize your conference from start to finish. The JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi has a variety of food and drink options.

It's time to connect with one another in a more meaningful way. Marriott International has a variety of venues. When booking and holding eligible meetings at participating hotels and resorts in Asia Pacific, you will be rewarded with attractive rewards.

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