SIA Airbus A380-800.
A Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800.
C. v. Grinsven/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images
Airbus and Boeing factories.
Airbus and Boeing factories.
Marcus Brandt/picture alliance/Liu Guanguan/China News Service/Getty Images

The first jumbo jet was built by Boeing in 1970. The airline industry is saturated by widebody aircraft built by two major manufacturers.

There are almost 5000 widebody aircraft in use. Around 7,000 jets are expected to be added in the next 10 years.

The A380-800 is the world's largest commercial plane by passenger capacity.

The 10 largest passenger planes are shown. The models are arranged according to their capacity and number of seats in either a two or three class seating arrangement.

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800.
A Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800.
SOPA Images/Contributor/Getty Images

The A380-800 is the largest passenger plane in the world.

The model is still used by airlines like British Airways and Singapore Airlines despite the model's cessation in 2021. There were more than twenty-five hundred units built.

The jet has an overall length of 78.7 meters, a height of 24.1 meters, and a wingspan of 79.8 meters.

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