Manchester City's Gabriel Jesus reacts after a flare is thrown onto the pitchImage source, Reuters
Image caption, Twenty smoke flares were lit at the City-Villa fixture with some hitting fans, the court heard

A three-year football ban has been given to a Manchester City fan who threw a lit smoke flare on the field.

The man threw it after City won the title with a 3-2 victory over Villa.

The court heard that he threw the missile over the heads of fans and stewards at the stadium.

A fine was also given to the man.

The flare was thrown when City made it 2-2.

There was a clear risk of injury.

He said there were 20 smoke flares lit at the City-Villa fixture.

He was told by the chairman of the bench that he had lost his good character.

A fine of more than $1,000 was imposed on the man. He had to pay costs and get a football banning order.

He accepted the prosecution case but denied throwing the missile towards the away supporters, according to his lawyer.

She said that the man had described it as an immature act.

He doesn't want this to happen again.

Kerry Grieve said thatMaxwell's actions were thoughtless and selfish.

Flares can endanger the safety of players and spectators.

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