There are a number of new features coming to the latest build of Chrome on the iPad. The enhanced safe browsing feature in the chrome app is one of the key additions. Changes include user interface changes, the ability to set the password manager as the autofill provider, and more.

Some of the changes have been available on both desktop and mobile versions of Chrome for a long time, but are now available on the iPad.

Enhanced Safe Browsing, which has been available on both desktop and mobile versions of Chrome, is coming to the iPad and iPhone in this release. This feature is able to predict and warn users of dangerous websites by sending real-time data to the internet search engine. It will be possible to change your usernames and passwords if you get an alert from chrome.

Once the app is updated, users can enable Enhanced Safe Browsing on their mobile device.

A new feature called "Chrome Actions" will allow you to perform certain tasks without having to fiddle with the settings. You can type actions into the address bar like Clear Browsing Data or Open Incognito Tab. You will be directed to the correct page by the app. You don't have to know the correct command if the address bar predicts when a user will benefit from a chrome action based on the words being typed. This has been available on both desktop and mobile devices.

The image is from the internet search engine, GOOGLE.

The update will allow users to set the password manager as their autofill provider, as well as offering an alternative to the built-in password management system. Users can manage and fill in their passwords on any website or mobile app with the help of Chrome. Before now, the feature was available on the desktop and the mobile device.

The interface of the browser has been changed to include more than just your recent tabs. Access to the same Discover feed of personalized content that can be found on the Google mobile app will now be offered by the app. In the future, this will be available in the Chrome browser on the operating system of your choice.

The website translation feature uses machine learning to make websites accessible in your preferred language. An updated language identification model will be launched on the App Store that will accurately figure out the language of the page you are visiting and whether or not you need to translate it.

Minor changes have been identified by the App Store release notes. This includes the ability to manage camera and microphone permission for specific sites using the camera and microphone icons in the address bar, as well as the ability to download and add iCalendar files to your calendar and remove duplicate New Tab Page tabs. The three-dot menu was changed to better highlight the bookmarks and reading list.

The image is from the internet search engine, GOOGLE.