5:23 AM ET

A tragedy at the swimming world championship could have been avoided with the quick reaction of the woman.

The United States coach knew something wasn't right when she saw the artistic swimmer sink to the bottom of the pool.

The man was fully clothed. A person helped get her out of the pool after she swam to the unresponsive Alvarez and lifted her to the water's surface.

He had fainted.

She found her limits and it was her best performance ever.

The man was feeling better Thursday.

The medical staff will keep an eye onAnita. She is feeling better and using today to rest, according to the USA artistic swimming.

It was heartbreaking to watch yesterday's medical emergency of an Olympian and the rescue of her by a coach. She competed in four preliminary and three final contests over a six day period.

The individual final was held on Wednesday.

The decision on whether or not she will swim in the free team final on Friday will be made by the experts.

The fact that the man was doing better was brought up by the man.

All vitals are normal and the doctors checked them. In other high-endurance sports, this can happen. Some athletes don't make it to the finish line and others help them to get there. We push through limits in our sport and sometimes we find them.