Since the rumors of a cheaper tier for its video-streaming service emerged, we have been waiting for the details to come out. Ted Sarandos, the co-CEO of the streaming service, confirmed that what was once an idea will soon become a reality.

We are adding an ad tier, but we are not adding ads to the service at this time. "We're adding an ad tier for folks who say, 'Hey, I want a lower price and I'll watch ads.'"

Reed Hastings said the same thing when he spoke to investors in April. Hastings said that allowing consumers who would like to have a lower price is a good idea. Hastings didn't know what the plan would look like or if it would affect the rest of the service. It will be an additional, cheaper plan and not a modification of the existing plan.

The important details are missing. The cost of the new tier is unknown. People will have to sit through a lot of ads. Will the ads interrupt shows and movies? When will the new tier be launched?

Timing is the only possible answer for all of these questions. According to a previous report from the New York Times, an internal presentation was given to employees about the possibility of a streaming service. The timing could definitely happen. The company recently revealed that it lost 200,000 paying subscribers in the second quarter of 2022. When people will be able to sign up for what will be the least expensive way to watch the streaming giant's content has not been made public.

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