Hidden features, new features, and interesting features are some of the things that people look for in the apps of the search engine. The central hub for the documents from all those apps is called Google Drive.

There are a few features that you may not know exist, because they have popped up over the years.

You can see where a file is located by looking at the file path. The exact location of a file can be seen in the drive. It's helpful for opening the correct file when multiple files have the same name, and for jumping directly to a folder that holds a file.

The location of a file can be seen in Recent, Starred, Trash, and Search. One of these areas can be opened using the left-hand navigation.

There is a column for location on the right side of the file list.

Click on the file location to move your mouse over it. Pick a spot in the path that will take you to the pop-up.

Google Drive Location column showing a file path.

You can see the full path at the bottom of the screen by selecting a file. You can choose where you want to go to it.

File path at the bottom of Google Drive.

This feature was available for all users of the drive.

Search for Google Meet content

If you use Google Meet for video calls and meetings with your team, you will be able to find items related to that meeting in the drive. You can use a simple search to find all the Meet content in Drive.

Go to the search field at the top of the drive and type in the name of the app you want to use. You can see the results of your search by pressing enter or return.

You can get quick access to recordings, transcripts, reports, and notes.

Google Meet search results in Google Drive.

This feature was added to all Drive users in May.

Cut, copy, and paste files with shortcuts

There is a hidden feature of the drive that is worth looking out for. The files can be cut, copied, and pasted using the browser. You can create a copy of a file in a shared folder by moving it from one spot to another.

The first step is to select a file you want to copy. You can't use the shortcut to cut or copy files.

  • On Windows, press Ctrl + X to cut or Ctrl + C to copy.
  • On Mac, press Command + X to cut or Command + C to copy.

There is a message on the bottom- left of the window that you cut or copied.

File copied message in Google Drive.

Go to the spot in the drive where you want to save the file.

To paste the file, use the command + V on Windows or the command + V on Macintosh. There is a small message on the bottom- left of the window that says you have moved a file or created a copy.

File pasted message in Google Drive.

This feature was added to the scene in May 2022.

These sorts of secret features are useful. If you need a file location or want to move a file quickly, remember these features.

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