We've got ways to save you even more time, because your iPhone already saves you a lot of time, removing the need for a calculator, camera, and more.

There are ten handy hacks, tips, and tricks that will help you use your Apple phone more efficiently.

1. Teach your iPhone's Face ID to recognize you when wearing a face mask  

It's now possible to teach your phone to recognize you when you wear a face covering. When you want to use your phone out and about, you don't have to remove your mask.

The settings app is where you'll want to go. You can see the face ID and pass code by scrolling down. The next menu has a "Face ID with a mask" option. You can use Face ID with a mask.

screenshot of iphone settings

Credit: Screenshot / Apple

This will prompt you to put your face in a frame that will show on the screen. Your phone will tell you how to position yourself if you don't hit the spot. You don't have to wear a mask for this. You need to follow the green lines around the perimeter of the circle on the screen to move your head. Your phone will prompt you to follow an arrow if you don't move in the right way.

You will be able to use your phone without removing your mask once you've finished the process.

2. Add tools to your iPhone's Control Center

You can use the Control Center to get quick access to tools you use a lot. You can change what appears in your Control Center to fit your needs.

You can access your Control Center by sliding your finger down on the right side of your screen.

Screenshot of control center

Credit: Screenshot / Apple

You need to go to your settings app to add or remove tools. Go to settings and scroll down to see the control center. The Control Center menu shows included controls towards the top and more controls towards the bottom. You have the ability to add these controls. There are options like "Text Size" and " Low Power Mode".

You can add any controls by tapping on the green plus icon next to the tool's name. You can get quick access to a range of tools with a single touch.

3. Create handy "Back Tap" actions 

You can program your device to do certain things based on how many times you tap on the back of your phone.

This trick is part of the accessibility tool suite and can be set up quickly and easily. Go to your settings app, select the accessibility menu, then click on "touch", then scroll down to see "back tap"

screenshot of backtap on iphone

Credit: Screenshot / Apple

If you double or triple tap on the back of your phone, you can change the actions on it. You can open the Camera and Control Center, put your phone on silent, capture a screen, and control the volume. One action can be selected for the double tap and triple tap settings.

4. Get quick access to some app functionality 

You can use a time-saving trick called "long press" on app icons. Depending on the app, this will show you what actions are available.

screenshot of longpress

Credit: Screenshot / Apple

A long press on the social networking site will give you a way to create a new message. A press on Gmail will show you a way to compose an email. You can create an alarm and start a timer with the help of the clock app. A long press on the app makes it easy to conduct a search.

It's a great way to quickly change camera settings. If you press and hold on the camera icon, you'll be able to take selfies, record video, and take a portrait.

If you long press on the icons, you can experiment with your favorite apps.

5. Create a speed dial button 

There is a way to make an icon-shaped speed dial button. If you want to do this, you have to use the Shortcuts app. Anyone who has an older iPhone may need to download it from the App Store.

Click on the plus icon in the "Call" section to create a new shortcut. You can choose from your contacts when prompted.

screenshot of speed dial shortcut

Credit: Screenshot / Apple

You can choose a photo from your camera roll to represent that person if you give that shortcut icon a name. The person can be reached by tapping the icon on your screen.

6. Use volume buttons in the Camera app 

You can use your volume buttons to operate the camera in the app.

a cute dog in the camera app

Credit: Screenshot / Apple

pressing either the volume up or down button will open the camera app. For as long as you press the button down, you can record video.

7. Use Voice Control to open apps

You can use your voice to control your device with the accessibility feature. You can use Voice Control to open apps.

screenshot of voice control

Credit: Screenshot / Apple

Go to your settings and tap on voice control. You can now speak commands, such as "Hey Siri, open my account, give me my camera, and do a search," when you switch on this.

8. Grab a still photo while filming video

The camera on the iPhone is amazing. A still image can be taken at the same time as you record video. There is a second white button on the right of the record button.

screenshot of camera app

Credit: Screenshot / Apple

You can grab a still at any time during your recording. It's important to note that any images you capture while recording will be video quality resolution so not as high quality as your usual iPhone snaps.

9. Pin a text conversation to the top of your Messages list 

There is a way to make sure you have quick access to a text conversation if you text frequently. The conversation can be pinned to the top of the Messages app.

screenshot of pinned conversation iphone

Credit: Screenshot / Apple

If you want to move a conversation to the top of your Messages list, you need to go into your Messages app. If you want to prioritize, hit the latest message. You can now see a yellow pin icon by tapping on it. You can now see that conversation at the top of your app.

10. Find Camera Roll photos faster 

It can take a while to scroll through your camera roll on your phone. It is possible to save a lot of time by using a search trick. Your Photos app has a built-in search feature.

photo of dogs using search in iphone camera roll

Credit: Screenshot / Apple

You can access your camera roll by going into your Photos app. You can find the "Search" option at the bottom of your screen. If you enter the most appropriate phrase for what you're looking for, images tied to that phrase will show up instantly on your phone.