The new lounges at Changi Airport will feature a custom-made batik design that Singapore Airlines has been using. The new facilities at the four-lounge complex mark a strong sense of identity and remain elegant and cultured.

The First Class Lounge and The Private Room are two of the lounges that have the most richness in design.

The lounge is decorated in a set of warm neutrals, with jewel tones accenting the leather, fabrics and ceiling trim. This lounge is a great example of how to design a lounge for a space with no windows.

Various tables with sage green chairs are set up for dining in the first class lounge.

Warm jewel tones are added to the dining area. The image is of Singapore Airlines.

The feature bar has bright white accent pieces and is reminiscent of the popular garden columns in central Singapore.

There are some plaster-effect reliefs behind the low rounded booths on the back wall of the expansive dining area.

A table is surrounded by a semi circle booth and two sage green chairs.

The batik motifs pop up in a variety of ways. The image is of Singapore Airlines.

A pair of meeting rooms serves colleagues or even families travelling together, while a glass doored telephone call room features what can be argued is the only truly acceptable non-bar use of the high-top stool.

The lounge holy grail is the new modular seat pair, which features a shared side table and power sockets, as well as the latest evolution of the Singapore Airlines multi-function Pod.

Pod-style work stations in the Singapore Airlines First Class Lounge with everything a traveling businessperson could need

It's great to see the latest version of thepods. The image is of Singapore Airlines.

The Private Room can be found further up and into the lounge complex. The lounge is small, dark and intimate, like an upscale private member's club, with shades of petrol blue, copper and beige.

Privacy is important to the success of the lounge because it allows people who want to be seen to be seen.

A larger open seating area is in the center of the room with more private cubical spaces running down either side of the room.

The Private Room has a lot of space and seating. The image is of Singapore Airlines.

In a change for super-premium lounges, I spy many comfortable chairs with power sockets at tables. Twice in the same lounge!

A chair and table sit alone in a modern cubical in the the Singapore Lounge.

The spots are close to the Holy Grail lounges. The image is of Singapore Airlines.

There is a dining area, a play room, and a variety of seating spaces in the Private Room.


There is a dome light feature in sky blue.

The previous Private Room was impressive in scale but felt like a cathedral in effect.

The Private Room's true magic is not in its space, but in its staff and service.

That will be the real test for these lounges.

The batik theme and the partnership with Lalique bring a sense of identity to the lounges, which might otherwise fail to shine through in what are decidedly elegant spaces.

A large art light installation adorns the ceiling of the lounge.

The light fixture in the private room is very impressive. The image is of Singapore Airlines.

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There is a picture credited to Singapore Airlines.