A glimpse into the new Vivaldi Mail 1.0.
Image: Vivaldi

Mail 1.0 is a free built-in email client with calendar and feed reader integration.

Users can add multiple email accounts with Mail 1.0. Users should be able to organize their emails without leaving their browser.

The new email client is similar to Gmail and Microsoft Outlook, with messages that are easy to find and organize into multiple folders or views. There are a few different ways to modify and manage emails, calendars, and feeds.

There are toggle buttons you can turn on and off and a search bar at the top of each view.
Image: Vivaldi

Each view has a search bar that can be used to find mailing lists, feeds, and more. You can turn them off if you don't want them on. When you need to check out all the unread emails in a specific folder, you can turn off the show read option.

While surfing the web, you can quickly check your email, calendar, feeds, and more in a sidebar.

Changing the three panel vertical layout to a horizontal split view is one of the ways users can adjust the mail view layout.

You can quickly add an event to your calendar without leaving the page.

You can use both the online and local versions of the calendar. In line event editing can be used to create or edit events. You can use a Quick Command to add events while on the web.

Privacy enthusiasts might like the ability to watch videos in Feed Reader, which could limit user tracking, as well as other features.

You can watch videos online in Vivaldi’s Feed Reader as opposed to clicking on a link.
Image: Vivaldi


How to use Vivaldi’s tools to protect your privacy while browsing

The new client can be found on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers.

To use the new feature, existing users need to head to the settings and click on the General button. Select "Enable Mail, Calendar and Feeds" after tapping on "Productivity features"

To enable mail for new users, they need to download the browser and use the "fully loaded" layout.


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