It is that time of year again. The next versions of Apple's operating systems were shown off at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference. The update adds a greater degree of customization and builds on the new features that were introduced in the previous iteration of the operating system.

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Is your mobile device compatible?

The following devices will no longer be supported by Apple's software: the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, and iPhone 7 Plus. If you have an iPhone 8 or newer, you will be able to download and run the new operating system when it is released this fall. Some features, like Live Text, are only available on newer versions of the phone, and that doesn't mean every feature will be available on your phone.

Since they don't have a naming convention, it's a little more complicated. The generations that will get iPadOS 16 this fall are listed here. If you follow the directions here, you can figure out which model you have.

  • iPad: 5th-gen and up
  • iPad Mini: 4th-gen and up
  • iPad Air: 2nd-gen and up
  • 9.7-inch and 10.5-inch iPad Pro
  • 11-inch iPad Pro: First-gen and up
  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro: First-gen and up

What is new in the newest version of the mobile operating system?

We highlighted the top new features coming in the next version of the operating system. Until Apple releases the final version, we will be adding more.

The lock screen has to be overhauled.

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The lock screen in Apple's mobile operating system is getting a redesign. The notifications are on the bottom of the screen so that they don't get in the way of your lock screen photo. The clock widget cuts behind the subject of your photo, giving off a cool depth effect, and you can modify its design, from the typeface to the color, just press and hold the lock screen.

There are more things you can add below the clock. You can pin live activities at the bottom of the notifications. You can see the scores via a pinned notification if you follow an NBA game. You can show album art with Now Playing controls which can expand to the full lock screen.

There is a new wallpaper gallery with lots of designs to choose from, including a live weather lock screen that mimics the real-time weather conditions, or suggestions using photos from your own camera roll. It's easy to set up multiple lock screens with Apple, just like it's easy to switch watch faces with an Apple watch.

There are more focus improvements.

There's more personalization in Focus.

Photograph: Apple

You can set a lock screen for work and a different one for personal focus if you wish. When you turn on your Work Focus, you'll only see work related tabs. Apple says developers can add support for the other apps that support these filters.

There are messages but they can be edited.

It's courtesy of Apple.

Apple is allowing you to change messages in the Messages app after you send them. It's possible to undo send to remember messages. The ability to mark any thread as unread is a new feature. SharePlay will be added to the Messages app. If you want to chat with a friend while you watch a movie, you can use the Messages app.

If you like to dictate your messages instead of typing, then you will be happy to see the improvements. You will be able to move between voice and touch when the keyboard stays open. You can replace text with your voice and send a message without having to look for it.

It is possible to pay it later with apple pay.

You are able to pay for it. That's really true.

Photograph: Apple

Consumer analysts don't like services that let you buy now but pay later, but Apple is going ahead with Apple Pay Later. You will be able to split the cost of an Apple Pay purchase over four equal payments with zero interest and no fees. When you check out with Apple Pay, you will have the option to pay later, and Apple says it's available everywhere.

You can see order tracking in Apple Pay with participating merchants. If you're a small business owner, you'll be able to accept Apple Pay payments on the phone, instead of using a separate terminal.

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It's hard to get anything done on a mobile device when there are so many competing for your attention. It is easy to get distracted by work calls or random applications. You keep a game on the home screen. Apple is trying to help people regain control over their devices with Focus mode in the newest version of its operating system.

There are a couple of options that can be locked down. Myke says that he only allows text messages from his wife and vice president of sales to get through to him. The activity app is blocked by a work out focus. It wouldn't go off if I was taking a walk, but I set up an automation in the Shortcuts app so it wouldn't happen if I started a small set of workouts.

Do not disturb is an expansion of the focus feature. A blanket moratorium from notifications getting through used to be a requirement. The devices can be configured with more detail. It should be more useful for more people. Focus can be hard to understand at first glance.

It is necessary to set up focus mode.

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The easiest way to start with Focus is to go to the settings app. There are a few basic modes that Apple has ready to go. It can be altered if you don't disturb. The Work and Personal ones will suggest certain people and apps to allow notifications from, but I don't think they do a good job of focusing on recent usage.

There is a sign in the top right corner that tells you to add your own areas of focus. Here, Apple has more suggestions such as driving, gaming, exercising, and reading.

If you choose an area of focus, there will be a few options to set it up. Pick the people who can send and call when the mode is active. Pick the apps that are allowed to go through. If they are time sensitive, apps can be removed. More settings will be available once the new focus mode is set up.

You can let people know that notifications are being silenced. It is an away message so people don't think they are being ignored.